Live outside the box




At long last the tiny house movement is catching on here in the Uk and its no surprise. Public concern over the Uk housing crisis is at its highest in 40 years! The average Uk home now costs £200,000 and the average Uk houshold spends around 25% of it's income on housing. Add to that the alarming fact that 90% of students start working life between £30,000 and £50,000 in debt. A staggering 70 -80% of that will have been spent on student accomodation!

Buildings contribute to an estimated 1/3rd of greenhouse gas emmisions. The average home in the Uk has around 800ft2 of space and spends £1500 a year on fuel and water, all life space conversions tiny homes are built with an emphasis on energy efficiency as well as sustainable energy, this figure can be reduced to a tiny fraction of that.







When life space conversions design a small space we try to persuade the client to use reclaimed materials where ever possible. There is an abundance of beautiful building materials that would otherwise go to landfill if you know where to look for it. Whether it be solid hard wood weathered by time or stone that has been exposed to the elements for centuries, or perhaps just some of those unique antique pieces of times gone by just begging to be repurposed in the build of a unique boat build, bespoke campervan or any other special space.

the difference

is the detail

By now it is easy to see why the Uk tiny house movement is rapidly gaining momentum, but with one of our unique small spaces (whether it be for permanent residence or just a means to escape from it all for a while) it is the attention to detail that really speaks volumes. As they say less is more, and with a small space it is far easier to make everything a treat for the eyes, natural textures shine through in the form of wood grains and the use of metallic surfaces and raw materials gives that rustic appearance. Precision cnc detailing and high quality sprayed finishes are present where ever you look, and all available space is exploited exactly to suit the client's requirements. Affordable and enviromentaly friendly does not come at the cost of style and quality.

have less live more

So what do all these changes mean to you? Well theres a huge inner peace that comes from knowing you are having a far smaller impact on the planet, and yes anyone that visits will comment on how unique your place is, although they'd probably remain adament that they couldnt do it. Small space living means smaller bills and around 78% of small spacers own their home outright, way before retirement age. So with less room for stuff, and less financial burdens you have the ability to escape the rat race, works less, do whatever you want to do with all that free time instead of wishing you'd done it when you were younger. The fact that you are here and reading this means you dont need me to tell you all this, deep down you already know, so if youve decide the time is right to take the plunge, choose Life Space Conversions to help you " Live outside the box".